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Junghans wall clock dating same

This may also help to date the clock since many companies changed either their name, or place of manufacture many times in the course of time. So if you know the time line of a company’s history, you can tell when your clock was made. For the location of the factory they choose a site in the. Junghans trademark c.

Official Junghans watches, full collection of men’s and ladies’ Junghans watches to The logical dial of the kitchen clock, dating from , wrote a new page in.

With pages, the book from the Battenberg Gietl publishing company offers the latest information, caliber lists and an enormous wealth of illustrations and photos. An indispensable must for every Junghans fan! You can order the book in bookstores or at the publisher itself: www. Invoicing and shipping will be done by the publisher. All you need is the delivery address and, if different, the billing address. If a dedication is desired, the book is no longer original welded.

Driven by my enthusiasm for Junghans vintage watches I decided to create this website about old Junghans wrist-watches. The aim is to have at least once presented and described at some point all Junghans wrist-watch calibers, to cultivate exchange with other collectors, to collect missing information and fill existing knowledge gaps. On this page watches will be shown that were everyday-companions, that were not necessarily treated with care and could tell long stories if they were able to speak.

Perhaps in this way one or the other Junghans watch still tell their own story. Of course the one or other “perfect” watch will be showing Diversity in models and products, rare early wristwatches, affordability of flea-market bargains, up to very expensive watches, which are found almost exclusively on watch-exchanges or dealers are some reasons to collect Junghans watches.

There are collectors that collect only a certain caliber and try to catch this in all varieties, with and without date, small second or sweep second, in various dial variations or the different cases and materials. Other enthusiasts are looking on specific issues watches, for example, the Junghans Olympic series, which is from the classic three-hand watch up to the chronograph.

Dating Junghans Clocks History

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Dating junghans clock movement. Provincial pattern, mantel or wall clocks can be difficult. english grandfather clock, date an approximate date and month​.

Discussion in ‘ Antique Discussion ‘ started by bluemoon , Sep 2, Log in or Sign up. Antiques Board. I bought this small not huge wall clock today. How old is it? KingofThings , Sep 2, I searched online and some forum suggested that A is the first half of the year and 21 is If that’s true, it’s upsetting. If it was c. I really didn’t need to do another dumb impulse buy.

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There are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost. Over many years, I have learned a lot. I have concentrated on the American clock companies for my collection, so there is much for me to learn about clocks from outside the US. Some people will see a clock at an antique store that would look good in a certain room of their house, and end up with it that way.

Antique Mantel Clocks, English Art Deco Smiths Green Glass And Chrome Clock. Very attractive and totally authentic s Art Deco Smith’s clock dating from.

The Junghans watch factory came into being in At first, they specialized in manufacturing individual parts for watch production. The precision of Junghans work quickly became synonymous with outstanding quality of manufacturing, and the foundation was laid for a complete watchmaking enterprise. The first watches bearing the Junghans brand were designed and constructed by the company’s own master watchmakers in Arthur Junghans took over managing the company in , following his father’s premature death.

Arthur was a watchmaker by trade and training and had traveled to America, where he studied the latest technological possibilities provided by rational production.

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On 14 April Erhard Junghans and his brother-in-law found the clock component factory Zeller & Junghans. For the location of the factory they choose a site.

Paul Landenberger started out as a bookkeeper for the Junghans clock factory in Schramberg, Germany. He advanced in the company to an authorized executive business manager. Landenberger married Frida Junghans, daughter of company founder Erhard Junghans. In Landenberger demanded a position on the board of directors. The Junghans family declined his request and Landenberger left the company in anger.

This was the beginning of a long family feud. In c onverted to a stock holding firm and with new investors, the company was re-named to Hamburg-Amerikanische Uhrenfabrik Hamburg American clock factory. Also known as HAC. The competition with Junghans, was fierce. HAC managed to flourish. By the mid s HAC, Junghans and Gustav Becker were forced to cooperate because of dropping sales figures and economic depression. Junghans gained influence by this cooperation and in was able to completely take over both companies HAC and Gustav Becker.

Erhard Junghans , founder of the Junghans factory. Died in

Uhrenfabrik Junghans

Antique German Wall Clock. Antique Clocks “Made in Germany”. Junghans trademark c. Antique Junghans German gong rod wall clock Another very rare and stunning ornate Vienna wall clock. This clock tick’s and tock’s and gongs smooth and precise.

This may also help to date the clock since many companies changed either their name, or place of manufacture many times in the course of.

Sign in. Call us on phone. From the s to the s, watch architect Anton Ziegler created masterpieces that characterised the appearance of Junghans watches and gave rise to an independent design culture. Crafted for him and for her, the Meister line draw is based on these historic designs and makes a clear statement for classic mechanical watchmaking at Junghans. Each timepiece comes equipped with either an automatic, manual winding or quartz movement.

Available for sale online and in our UK showrooms, find your ideal piece today. Rarely has the term “reduction to the minimum” taken such a convincing form as in the Junghans Max Bill range. In the early s, the Bauhaus artist Max Bill developed aesthetic standards for Junghans watches that enjoy cult status today.

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