‘Bachelor Pad’ couple Holly Durst and Blake Julian get married

Once newly engaged couple Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti officially make it down the aisle, we can add them to the ever-growing list of Bachelor Nation couples who have beaten the odds and tied the knot. While one of my greatest guilty pleasures is looking at cute photos of the franchise leads and Paradise alums who are still with their Final Rose recipients, the dysfunctional family tree that The Bachelor has planted goes far beyond the more well-known couples. Although not every low-key Bachelor relationship has lasted, there were and currently are plenty of Bachelor Nation couples you probably forgot about. Whether sparks flew when two contestants met on the fratty, defunct Bachelor Pad or when they found a connection with each other out in the real world, the ties of this franchise run deep. I love Sean Lowe’s dad jokes about life with his Bachelor pick Catherine Giudici as much as the next gal, but there’s something very sweet about less-publicized alums who found love and made their relationship work. Sure, they did a reality TV show that one time, but they’re still normal humans who aren’t posting sponsored ads on Instagram every day. While some of these couples’ stories are adorable and worthy of more attention, others aren’t quite happy, which explains why longtime Bachelor fans have slowly forgotten about them. But if there’s any lesson we can take from this list, it’s that you certainly don’t have to be a lead in a sparkly dress to find love in Bachelor Nation. Yep, before the power trio of successful Bachelor in Paradise couples solidified, there was another Paradise engagement and marriage.

Holly Durst

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The “Bachelor Pad” had some stiff competition this week: the XXX Olympics. Michael promises to save the Plastic Princess with a rose and a date, by Jillian on the “Bachelorette,” then by Holly on the “Bachelor Pad.

How do you win over your audience? Have girls in leotards eating bananas and guys in hot tubs in the same episode. It’s like “Real World” for adults. Gymnastics fail Sarah: The producers waste no time getting into the most ridiculous competition: ribbon dancing. They call it gymnastics, which even though I’m not a gymnast, I find this highly insulting. This was an individual competition and of course the Plastic Princess and Adam Corolla Ed had the lowest scores.

Michael and Blakeley pulled off a win. Chris: Previous Bachelorette Ashely and winner Jason judged the “competition” along with olympic gymnast Tasha Schwikert. The only thing that could have made this less lame would be John Tesh as the commentator. Let’s be real, Donna had to eat a banana in front of Michael to get his attention. Classy broads cut them into pieces before eating them in front of dudes. Chris: Their date started off at a poor man’s Nickelback concert. Also, what war did Michael fight in?

I mean, he is wearing dog tags.

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While living in Los Angeles, Holly met her husband Dr. Blake Julian, who is a dentist in South Carolina. “Bachelor Pad” fans will remember that the former Holly Durst voted Blake This may be my toughest challenge to date.

Are you upset by the way you learned of Holly and Blake’s engagement? Going into the finale I was on very good terms with [Holly]. I was really proud of us and proud to be her teammate It was really shi–y what she did and what happened. Holly and Blake said, “We tried to call you. It’s , if you dial my number I’ll pick it up. Even to take it a step further, just out of respect for me, which I’ve certainly shown Blake and Holly I would have not gone on stage.

I would’ve put my foot down and said there’s no way we’re going to let this happen, that we’re going to let him get blindsided and not find out about the engagement until he’s on national television and in front of a live studio audience.

15 Minutes with Holly Julian

It’s pretty well known that even after all the dates, first kisses , and roses given out, the lucky couple left standing at the end of The Bachelor , The Bachelorette , or Bachelor in Paradise may not stay together. In fact, some might say that the stats for couples that actually get married after meeting on the long-running ABC show are But if you’re the type that likes to look on the brighter side of things, check out this list of all the Bachelor Nation couples that are still together.

Happy Anniversary babe, I love you more than life itself! You are the best mom and partner in life and you are so hot!

These are all the couples from ‘The Bachelor, ‘The Bachelorette,’ and ‘Bachelor in The couple remain engaged, although they have yet to choose a wedding date​. Holly Durst had two big reasons to celebrate at the end of the season 2 of Bachelor Pad—the Bachelor spin-off that came before Paradise.

Bachelor Pad is back, which means for the next six-or-so weeks, your Monday nights will be filled with ridiculous D-list celebrity drama, crocodile tears and watching people skank it up on the tele! Ames Brown: Ames made all of the ladies in America swoon when he made a split-second decision to quit the show and chase after a limo carrying his new girlfriend, Jackie Gordon, who had just been eliminated from the game. He appears to have resumed his world travels, recently exploring Colorado and Wyoming, as well as Japan.

Click here to watch a video from their photoshoot! Sorry, Ames. The pair actually did end up getting married on June 2 of this year.

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‘Bachelor Pad’ Stars Holly & Michael: Are They Back Together? In November, Luyendyk Jr. The history-making Bachelorette Julian is the first-ever black lead of​.

The pair had chosen to give Kasey and Vienna immunity at the rose ceremony in exchange for safety but unfortunately Kasey wasn’t able to deliver on his promise and they were sent home. Blake’s exit was particularly bittersweet because it meant leaving behind crush Holly Durst, although she softened the blow by slipping him a love letter on his way out. Here’s what Blake and Erica told Digital Spy and other reporters about the experience this week:.

Why did you guys decide to give the roses to Kasey and Vienna? Blake: “Giving the rose to Holly and Michael didn’t really seem like the best strategic option based on Michael’s feelings for me. Kasey and Vienna claimed that they had the most influence and power in the house. Erica: “We had talked about also giving it to Kirk and Ella but they didn’t make as strong of an argument and Kasey wouldn’t even let them finish I do feel a little manipulated by Kasey.

They believed that when they gave it to us and we believed them. They didn’t know their own alliance wouldn’t listen to them. There were a lot of other options and different ways we could’ve gone, but we were trying to do what was best for us strategically. We weren’t going to give it to Kirk and Ella just because we thought they needed the money the most.

Are Kasey and Vienna really that good at this game or that manipulative to keep staying?

Blake and holly dating bachelor pad

Subscriber Account active since. Though Peter Weber called it quits with both Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett, his season could still be considered a success — he found love with another one of his contestants, Kelley Flanagan. We’ve rounded up every single couple that’s currently together as a result of “The Bachelor” franchise.

Holly was engaged to fellow “Bachelor Pad” season 2 contestant, Now dating Kasey (Ali’s season), Vienna has since moved on from her.

Whether they hit it off from the very beginning or found each other later on, these are the pairs who have managed to turn their reality TV love into…reality. They currently live in Colorado and have two children, Max and Blakesley Families who snuba together, wish they could stay underwater longer together!! So what makes their relationship work?

Farewell to One Happy Island, the home of our first family vacation. This trip to Aruba will always hold a special place in my heart We ate ice cream every single day and all cuddled in the same bed to sleep. Aruba, we love you. See you again soon. The couple welcomed their first baby, Fordham, in and their second child, Essex, in In , they renewed their vows. Cue the collective awwwwww.

The Bachelor Show’s Blake Julian & Holly Durst Wedding Video